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Butt Floss

Butt floss is not just for

women anymore. More and

more men are into wearing

butt floss style swimwear designs,

ultra micro swimwear designs

that go so far up your ass they

qualify as butt floss.

The term butt floss has been

around for years but until recently

only applied to women.

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Butt Floss


If you’ve heard of the expression butt floss, are you familiar with what it means? Perhaps you are familiar with flossing your teeth with dental floss? Well, the term butt floss was coined from certain types of underwear that has a string back, so it appears to be “flossing” the butt. Butt floss is now a common expression used by both men and women to refer to g-strings or thongs, as well as different types of sexy underwear.


Butt floss can be really sexy to most people, whether it is the women wearing them, or the men observing them. There are actually fashion companies that create butt floss and other kinds of sexy lingerie that even men could wear. As said before, butt floss can be made of sheer materials, and is a type of undergarment that is revealing. It is not a wonder why many people think of them as sexy.


How else can butt floss be a good thing? For women who normally only like to wear the regular bras and panties, it pays to try out something bold and new. Butt floss can make you feel sexier than ever, and it is not only a piece of undergarment worn for the sake of wearing it.


When it comes to women’s fashion, it is said that how the overall outfit looks depends on what type of underwear a woman wears. In the case of tight pants, mini skirts, and shorts, most women prefer to use very small underwear like g-strings or thongs so they won’t show any panty lines. As you can see, butt floss is not only worn in the bedroom or for other seductive purposes, as they are also worn to complement certain outfits. If women need to wear tight evening dresses or skirts, panty lines can be avoided by wearing thongs, g-strings, or what they call as butt floss.


If you are a little interested in feeling sexier in butt floss, then why not purchase one for yourself? You can definitely use these undergarments to complement your outfits as well. As one example, special stores like Victoria Secret are known to carry different types of sexy undergarments, including butt floss for almost every size of woman. If you can’t afford the ritzy prices of butt floss from designer stores, you can always shop for them online.


You can choose a style of butt floss or any other sexy lingerie by browsing through many websites that sell the items. You may order the color and size of thongs or butt floss to your preference, pay for them online, and have them delivered discreetly to your address. Note that butt floss is now available in styles for men and for women. Even some men, whether gay or straight, prefer to feel a little sexier by wearing butt floss in bed. What are you waiting for? Check out the prices and varieties of butt floss you can purchase online. Who knows? You may soon start to make your nights in bed extra sexy.

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