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These days, talking about sex and buying products related to sex is not a rare occurrence. In the media, a lot of companies actually use sex to help market their products. They do so by using sexually attractive men and women as models, as well as sometimes inserting sexual messages in their ads. It is not a surprise anyway, as a lot of people today are more open about discussing sex, as well as in exploring new ways of improving sex and the pleasure of it. Such is the reason why websites on sex are rampant, as well as why sex toys are becoming very hot items these days.


Do you have any idea what a butt plug is? Most likely, if you are familiar with dildos, strap on dildos, and other sex toys for intercourse, then you won’t have a difficult time understanding the concepts of the butt plug. First of all, you know that anal sex is preferred by a lot of men and women alike because of the different sensations and stimulations it offers. The butt plug is simply a device that takes advantage of the pleasure offered by anal sex and mimics it quite well, which is probably why men and women of any sexual orientation, gay, straight, lesbian, or bisexual, are known to use the butt plug during sex.


A butt plug is an elongated device, made from the same materials as the dildo, which can be silicone or rubber. The butt plug differs from the average dildo because the bottom end is flared or widened, and that the length is generally shorted than the dildo. The flared base and the shorter body are structured as such to prevent the butt plug from getting stuck inside the rectum. If in any case this happens, a surgical procedure needs to be done.


There are many variations of the butt plug in the market, just as diverse as the styles and types of dildos are available today. You can purchase a butt plug with various colors, different shapes, and attached devices to it. What are some attachments that may accompany the butt plug? Some strap on dildos have a butt plug attached, so that the wearer of the dildo is also stimulated and pleasured while he or she is penetrating the partner. When using a butt plug, a woman may also enjoy double penetration.


One of the safety measures that are recommended when using a butt plug involves not sharing the device during sex. If it is to be transferred from one body cavity to another, the butt plug should be covered with a condom, and disinfected afterwards. This prevents the butt plug from transferring fecal material, bacteria, and viruses during sexual intercourse. In some cases, there are men and women who enjoy using the butt plug in their mouth and vagina. In accordance with this, the butt plug should be kept clean before and after using. You may purchase a butt plug online or find them in sex toy shops near you.

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