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Just a nice luscious ass covered by a beautiful Lycra spandex bikini. This spandex bikini design offer nice full rear coverage but as you can see amazingly sexy. I love the way this bikini gets so narrow at the waist line. In my opinion this would make competitive swimming much more interesting. Get rid of all those spandex Speedos with the 2-4” wide sides and make all the male swimmers wear much small spandex bikinis, an excellent rule would be nothing bigger then a 1” waist. This type of spandex bikini has a nice shaped pouch that instead of hiding the penis like spandex Speedos do this type of design celebrates the male anatomy! The same goes for women. I love seeing women wearing tiny spandex suits, but I feel there is to much fabric right at the vagina. Less spandex covering the crotch on most women would look great. If they are shaved clean or waxed like most are, most vaginas lips can be fully covered with as little as a 1” wide spandex panel.

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Mens swimwear

spandex bikini swimwear  spandex g-string swimwear spandex pouch only swimwear and fetish wear along with many amazing spandex creations to arouse the male body.                  These are examples of over the shoulder spandex fetish suits. This type of spandex penis display pulls the cock and stretches it to its max size. Both these designs have spandex ball splitters to enhance the feel.

 This page features two full size spandex koala bikini designs. These spandex suits would still be considered very risque but by koala standards they are vey mild spandex bikinis for men.  Non pro model wearing some very hot Koala spandex designs incuding sheer spandex that shows the penis nicely.

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