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Designing swimwear in spandex has to be one of the best jobs in the world. Finding ways to make men wearing spandex that looks like it was painted on with the bulging pouches in my face, I get paid for that! Spandex is more then a fabric it is a lifestyle. Being into spandex frees you to show off your body in ways no other fabric will. Mixing spandex with ultra micro bikinis, thongs and g-strings to make swimwear that molds the male body and displays it as nature meant it to be, which of course is almost better then the nude form.. With bulging spandex pouches there is always the unknown of what big surprise will pop out when the fabric is peeled away.


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Featuring Spandex extreme male cock wear and spandex penis display suits. Male chastity

Koala offers a full line of spandex thong swimwear

Mens swimwear

spandex bikini swimwear  spandex g-string swimwear spandex pouch only swimwear and fetish wear along with many amazing spandex creations to arouse the male body.                  These are examples of over the shoulder spandex fetish suits. This type of spandex penis display pulls the cock and stretches it to its max size. Both these designs have spandex ball splitters to enhance the feel.

 This page features two full size spandex koala bikini designs. These spandex suits would still be considered very risque but by koala standards they are vey mild spandex bikinis for men.  Non pro model wearing some very hot Koala spandex designs incuding sheer spandex that shows the penis nicely.

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