James modeling the ultra micro Slut G-string swimwear design by Michael David for Koala Swimwear. This class of swimwear design is cut very low requiring the model to be completely shaved or waxed. The Slut swimwear design is cut right at the top base of the penis allowing you to have the best possible tan. These make fantastic underwear. When using swimwear as underwear you want it to feel sensuous and erotic all day long. If you use this as underwear, you will most likely have a wet spot all day long from being so aroused. We are trying to create one of the largest spandex swimwear gallery and Spandex underwear gallery on the web. This will always be a free site and We hope you let your friends know about it. Feel free to link it to other favorite sites. We have access to thousand of photos and will be adding as many every weeks as we can squeeze in.


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2008 Spandex Gallery


Featuring Spandex extreme male cock wear and spandex penis display suits. Male chastity

Koala offers a full line of spandex thong swimwear

Mens swimwear

spandex bikini swimwear  spandex g-string swimwear spandex pouch only swimwear and fetish wear along with many amazing spandex creations to arouse the male body.                  These are examples of over the shoulder spandex fetish suits. This type of spandex penis display pulls the cock and stretches it to its max size. Both these designs have spandex ball splitters to enhance the feel.

 This page features two full size spandex koala bikini designs. These spandex suits would still be considered very risque but by koala standards they are vey mild spandex bikinis for men.  Non pro model wearing some very hot Koala spandex designs incuding sheer spandex that shows the penis nicely.        www.koalaswim.com

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